Monday, February 11, 2013

Daybook for Monday 11th February

Outside my window... it's been bitterly cold today.  In fact, it was snowing when I set out this morning for the chapel, and even with thick cycling gloves my fingers were practically numb before I got there.  Thankfully, the snow neither continued for long nor settled, and despite the cold there are lots of signs of spring - snowdrops, aconites, daffodils poking their shoots up through the earth....

I am thinking... about kitchens.  I'm trying to decide whether it would be possible to fit more storage cabinets into our tiny kitchen, though I suspect the upheaval of doing it would be more than it warranted.  I spent Friday at IKEA with my mother looking at kitchens and it was fascinating.

I am thankful... that the meeting Greg was supposed to be going to today has been cancelled.  It's so lovely to be home together in the evening.  He's sitting across from me at the moment, listening to some music and reading a guidebook to the Botanic Gardens. 

In the kitchen... tea this evening was chicken wrapped in proscuitto, jacket potatoes, cabbage with garlic and chilli, followed by pancakes with lemon and sugar.

I am wearing... jeans and a pink cardigan.

I am creating... another baby cardigan, white this time, for the gifts box which I started knitting last night.  I'm also making a small family of knitted chicks that cover creme eggs, which I think it will be fun to have out in a basket come Easter time..

I am going... to see Les Miserables tomorrow evening with some friends from church.

I am reading... I'm sort of between books at the moment.  I'm reading a very uninspiring volume about teaching children to read, but it's not really appropriate to the limited involvement I have at hte school.

I am hoping... to get through enough chores to go swimming tomorrow morning, as I'm not sure when else I'll have an opporutnity this week.

I am looking forward to... my corner plant stand arriving in a few weeks.  I've had my eye on it in the Coopers catalogue for a while, and have finally given in.  I think it'll look lovely outside the front door, and it will be fun buying lots of bedding plants to adorn it with.

Around the house... the dining table is rather wet after I had to wash it.  Lemon and sugar pancakes are messy things to eat....

One of my favorite things... going on cycle rides.  I do some of my best thinking when cycling or swimming.

A few plans for the rest of the week: another toddler group tomorrow morning, then babysitting ofr the afternoon.  Cinema trip Tuesday evening.  On Wednesday I've got to go into the office again to do a bit of computer training for the boss, and we've got a curry evening planned at a friends house.  Thursday it's craft group day, and on Friday I've got my quilting group in the morning and the elderly ladies' cafe in the afternoon.  We're seeing at least one set of friends on Tuesday for a meal at the Orchard in Grantchester..

A peek into my day...

This is my bicycle that my parents bought me for my 30th birthday last year.  I love riding it!  And I really love the fact that I can stuff all my random shopping in the box and the basket (in the picture I've got a swimming bag in the box and a small shrub for the garden in the basket).


Mary Redo said...

How fun to meet you through the Simple Woman's Daybook - I'm new and really enjoying it! I once visited England, Clacton-on-Sea, and have remained friends with the lady in whose home I stayed. Will visit you again soon.

Hugs ~ Mary

Deb said...

Hi Jo! I have the last two posts before this one bookmarked so I'd remember to come back and leave a comment...and now I'm finally here!

I enjoyed your Jan 28 Daybook and also the Trip to London post. Such wonderful places you get to visit. Love the Tower Bridge--have only seen it on tv when tennis was playing in London.

Ok, now to this Daybook. Love your bike! I know you must enjoy riding it when the weather is agreeable. Did you enjoy Les Miserables? Interesting that you're thinking of more cabinets in your kitchen; I was just talking to my sister about the exact same thing. She's thinking of knocking out a wall even and relocating her kitchen for more cabinets. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Lisa said...

Hi, Jo,
I'm stopping by from the SWD. Love the bike. :)

Nancy Adams said...

I love your blog, Jo! Wonderful Daybook!