Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's been a long time since I felt like blogging, and I've no idea why, or why I feel like it today.

This is this year's Christmas jigsaw puzzle, which we finished putting together on Sunday afternoon while the real snow fell.  I like the puzzle, but I'm not enamoured of the real thing at all.  (Of course, if anyone is reading this from a place where they actually get real snow, they'll be laughing their heads off at this point....)  We've had about two/three inches of snow, which is thankfully beginning to melt now, but it's all compacted and icy.  I fell over three times going to and from Messy Play yesterday morning, ending us shaking and in tears by the time I got home.  I can see why old ladies refuse to leave their homes for weeks on end in the snow.

In other news:
  • I bought a couple of board games from a charity shop last Thursday and Greg and I played Word Yahtzee together on Sunday evening.  It's fun, I don't know why we haven't played games together before. 
  • I'm restocking my supplies of baby cardigans to give as gifts; I finished a pink one at the weekend and started a blue stripy one yesterday evening, while watching the beginning of series 2 of Call the Midwife.

  • Yesterday morning I saw I fieldfare cowering under a shrub at the bottom of the garden, which was lovely.  I don't think we've ever had them in the garden before.  There are lots of normal birds, though: blue tits and great tits, blackbirds and starlings, thrushes and sparrows and dunnocks.
  • I bought a lovely random cookery book from the Leprosy Mission for £1 when I was buying cheap Christmas cards to save for next year, and it arrived last weekend.  It's basically a printing of all the recipes someone collected over her lifetime, and most of them are named after the friends who gave the recipes to her.  I'm really looking forward to trying some of them out, probably starting with the prune cake if I can borrow a ring-shaped tin from my Mum.
I think that's about all I've got to say right now, so I'd better go and get dressed if I'm going to get anything done this morning before I go off to the school after lunch.  I'm listening to readers from year 2 this afternoon, and then it's Bible Club with years 4 and 5 after school.  I'm really enjoying all the things I can do now I'm not working, but I'm not finding I have any more spare time.


Deb said...

Hi Jo!!! So delightful to read a post from you. In fact, I just thought of you earlier this week when I wrote a Daybook post. Even though my Reader on Monday hadn't indicated a new post from you, I immediately checked to make sure I hadn't missed anything. And you are! Maybe I sent some posting vibes your way... LOL! Enjoy your day...we're expecting SNOW on Friday of this week but not sure how much yet. I don't much like it either in real life! Your puzzle is very pretty.

Deb said...

p.s. I forgot to mention the cardigan. What a good idea to get some extra gifts made...and so very pretty!